About Clockwork Moggy

Clockwork Moggy are a friendly team of Neil Dickson (Web Designer Manager/ Web Development), Carrie Stay (Branding Manager/ Graphic Designer) and Alicia Dickson (Web Designer) who understand your needs and have have an extensive knowledge of how branding and modern web and graphic design can work for your business.

We believe that through original and unique web and graphic design, we will deliver a solution that suits you and your brand.

We do not use web templates or stock logos  as we understand the importance of web and graphic design to a company and it is our job to find that way to represent your company effectively. Our web and graphic design skills insure that your site will be fully responsive and ready for your visitors no matter what device they are using as well as your branding will make your company stand out from the crowd.

Please see what our clients have to say about our web and graphic design skills and visit our testimonials page or take a look through our portfolio to see our previous award winning work in web and graphic design.


Hi, I’m Carrie.

I would like to share with you a rhyme,
As to why I just love graphic design,
I make words, images and space align,
To produce artwork that is truly divine.

Problem-solving through type and graphic creation,
Crafting corporate identities, magazine designs & logos is my fixation,
Providing imaginative visual illumination,
I generate to communicate for a solid foundation


Hey, I’m Neil,
I love solving problems with bespoke web development.

I’m not a poet like my partner but they do say that code is poetry so I’d like to share this with you:

Begin <Clockwork Moggy Code>
$objective = ” Create design solutions for web”
$method = “customised content management systems, w3c compliant code, PHP, HTML5, CSS3 & MySQL databases”
$objective + $method = “$solution”
$solution = “Clockwork Moggy”
End </Clockwork Moggy Code>

Lets meet up over a coffee and see how we can make the internet work for your business.


Hi, I’m Alicia

I think that technology is in my blood, and code is my second language. I can help you create a responsive website that is perfect for your business needs and looks beautiful too. Like our company name my mind is clockwork and I can work through any technical problems to find a solution that is perfect for you.

So why don’t you give us a call and I can help make the world on 0s and 1s communicate to you.


Hi, I’m Jess,

Meow meow meowww, meeoww meow MEOWWWWW!