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Welcome to Clockwork Moggy. We are a friendly, passionate and honest team, who are ready to listen to your vision and understand your needs.

With our creative clockwork minds ticking, we aim to deliver a professional service with our extensive knowledge of how branding, websites, graphic design and online marketing work for your business.

It’s not about us, it’s about you! We guide you through each step of the way. We can discuss your ideas and give you good advice on what you need and also, what you don’t. We offer bespoke, tailored, original designs, with creative and unique solutions that suit you and your business.

We like that personal touch and we like to ensure you are happy throughout the development process of your brief...Like Clockwork.

Brand Identity


Carrie is passionate and skilful with all things branding, graphic design and illustration. Carrie has branded products on the shelves of well-known high street shops and theme parks. She also holds workshops to help businesses through the branding process and is also the maker of our Brand Identity Rockstar Workbook. She even has a few awards under her belt!

Web Consultant


Neil's the guy to speak to about your website. He's really good at putting things simply to clients and making sure eveything works as intended. Ask him about converson optimisation and sales funnels.

Online Marketer


Alicia is in charge of making sure you get the traffic to your website that you need. If you want to get your business noticed by the right people in the right way then Alicia can help. Alicia is a Google Partner and graduate from the Google Academy

Cat executive officer


Truly the smartest member of the team Jess essentially spends her days sleeping eating and occasionally prowling in the garden. She rarely comes to the office preferring to let the rest of the team do the lions share of the work... clever moggy.


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