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Become A Brand Identity Rockstar!

This 48 page workbook will guide start ups and small businesses through the process of creating your brand identity, giving you lots of branding tips along the way. Answering questions such as - What is a brand, an identity and a logo? Find out what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is and your ideal client. This book will also help you with choosing your brand colours and fonts and a list of dos and dont's.

So go forth, fill in the questionnaires, have fun and become a brand identity rockstar!

What's Inside the Workbook?

 Who are YOU and What is your WHY? - Questionnaire
 What is a brand, a brand identity and a logo?
 About your business - Questionnaire
 Finding your USP - What sets you apart from other businesses
 Who is you audience and what does you ideal client look like?
 Digging deeper into your brand identity - Questionnaire
 Keywords that best describe your business
 Choosing a font for your business
 Picking your brand colours
 Logo brainstorming
 Logo dos and dont’s
 How to integrate your brand into EVERYTHING you do.
 Brand strategy

Customer Reviews

The workbook doesn’t just look brilliant, the content is incredible. By creating space for notes, images, ideas and photos it is the perfect guide to nailing your brand. - FSB

Having a strong brand is essential to stand out but it has to be unique and genuine to you. This workbook ensures that you think in depth about all aspects your brand.

It is not as easy as picking your favourite colour and launching into a business card order, you have to give your branding serious thought to what you want it to say. The Brand Identity Rockstar workbook challenges you to define and describe how you want to be known and seen and what you want your logo and brand to really represent.

It’s a easy to use step by step guide to getting a unique and genuine brand identity.

It’s like having your own branding guru in the office with you, everything you need to think about and consider and include in building your brand is covered in this workbook.

Become A Branding Rockstar

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