Our Brand Identity Rockstar workbook – How does it help your business branding

Exciting news for businesses looking to launch their brand.

Clockwork Moggy have created a workbook that not only gives you loads of information, but also really helps you to understand your business branding. May I introduce you to Become A Brand Identity Rockstar.

This 48 page workbook includes thought provoking questions about you, yourself, why you want to start a business, why you’ve chosen the industry you’re going into and what’s going to motivate you. What is your MISSION and your WHY basically.

This book will also help you to understand what a brand actually is and what it involves. It’s not just an effective logo, it’s not just marketing material but it’s what you stand for, what your values are as a business and the service you offer your target audience, all of those non-visual communications as well.

Now, your logo is amazingly important. It’s ‘the face of your company’. It describes you when you’re not in the room and people will make instant judgments on what your about, just by looking at it. When you look at a logo of a company, it conjures up thoughts, expectations, feelings and associations. You can tell wether you’re about to walk into a high end or budget store just by looking at the outside of the store! Your clients will not even need to speak to you before making decisions on what you’re about.

Your logo will also have a personality to it (based on your company’s brand). Depending on the type of person or business you are trying to attract or work with, will depend on how the overall look and feel your brand and logo has. Don’t worry, there’s another questionnaire inside our Become a Brand Identity Rockstar workbook that will help you to get this right. We look into your target audience what they might look like, YES what they actually look like. If you’re more of a visual person, there’s space where you can stick in a visual representation of that person or business looks like.

To help you with the creation of your logo, we also have a typography and colour theory section. It has explanations of the type of impressions certain fonts and colours give and which ones might be appropriate for your business.

We will also take a look into what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is. What sets you aside from other businesses? What do you do differently? Do you have a particular skill set, is your process / customer service unique etc. From this you could create a tagline or slogan for your business. Don’t worry, there’s an ‘inspirational words’ section in the workbook that can help you.

With all of these tools inside the Become A Brand Identity Rockstar workbook, I’m sure you will be rocking your new look!

What’s more – we give away our Brand Identity Rockstar workbook for FREE with our Branding package.

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