Super Moggy Package

Everything you need for your business

Super Moggy Package

Everything taken care of for you, by us

So you need a new logo, a website and you’d like to market your business online? Great. The good news is that we can help you with all of that right here. Our Super Moggy package basically combines all our services into a monthly fee and takes care of a few extras too.


What is actually included?
We’re glad you asked. The Super Moggy package includes brand image, brand guidelines, business stationery design, even branding for your social media profiles. Not only that, we will build a fully bespoke designed CMS website and full online marketing/SEO for your business, including blogs!

How does it work
First we’ll take you through the design process getting your brand image exactly right, remember branding is more than just a logo. Then based on your brand we’ll design and build a bespoke website for you. We’ll perform your keyword research and start an SEO campaign. Because we’ll be managing your website for you, we can make pages and change and create content directly based on our SEO results, keeping you free to manage your business while we manage your website and online marketing. We’ll meet/call or email you monthly to discuss your site and keep you up to date with your marketing.

What sort of content will you create?
Running your own blog can be time consuming and unless you’re working closely with your SEO you might need to reword things after you’ve published. We’ll write your blog for you with regular posts. You can email or call us if there’s something specific you want us to mention or write about.

We’re really good with graphics. If we think you’ll get traction with a new sharable infographic, we’ll create one for you and add it to your site. Memes are also a really good way to keep your visitors interacting with your site so we’ll make those too.

How about video?
Sure, we can sort that out too. We have a videographer who we work closely with. All we need to do is arrange a group meeting.

Can I add your other services to this package?
Yep, if you need an eCommerce store, a Pay per click campaign or a newsletter setup we can take care of that too.