Dragon CoWorking

Your comunity of collaboration

Dragon Coworking is a coworking space to help creatives and businesses who would normally work from home to have a space of their own where they can meet other like minded businesses. Passion, excitement, enthusiasm, and freedom rolled into one community were our key words when planning the design for Dragon Coworking branding and website.

Using geometric shapes in branding can be really bold and eye-catching and create great design elements. Dragon Coworking is a space designed for great businesses to work together and can encourage collaborations, hence the reason why the shapes join together to form the ‘o’ in ‘Dragon’. The ‘o’ was chosen specifically to represent the ongoing relationship between the businesses. This is also emphasised by the colour pallet – the colours naturally blend into each other. The space is quirky and colourful so it was important to have this theme through the logo design.

Dragon Coworking are simply the catalyst bringing together individuals who believe in working for themselves but being part of a team.