Scam alert: Domain Notification

Scam alert: Domain Notification for : This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing

Watch out for this spam email. Today I received this email:emailscreenshot

It looks urgent and official, but it’s not.

Look at the email address – [email protected] That’s not your domain registrar, that’s not anyone’s domain registrar.

I highly recommend that you do NOT click the links in this email. However in the interests of this article I investigated the link changing the last part from my own domain to and ran it through a proxy to safeguard myself this is the page that comes back.

websitescreenshotAs you can see what they are actually doing is selling packages to submit your domain to search engines.
Looking back at the email you can see that in small print it says:
“Do not discard, this notice is not an invoice it is a courtesy reminder to register your domain name search engine listing so your customers can locate you on the web.”

Regular search engine submissions went extinct decades ago, nowadays once a search engine has found your domain then you never have to resubmit.

If you receive this email don’t be fooled by the trick and certainly don’t pay them any money.

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    We received the same email yesterday and we thought it looked a dodgy and did a quick Google search to see if we were right.

    The email we received is below for anyone else checking this out to see if it is genuine.

    If you read the email there are spelling mistakes in, if you were a professional company you would not have these errors in emails you send.

    Email from
    Domain Notice

    Notification expiry date: 21 – Arp. – 2017

    We care about valued customers and domain name holders, that’s why we
    are sending this final notification to remind you to register your
    domain with search engines.

    This offer would automatically get cancelled after the expiration date mentioned in this email.

    Failing to register with search engines is like deliberately planning to
    make it difficult for customers and visitors to find you.

    This email is only a notice and should not be regarded as an invoice.
    Discarding this notification and not submitting to search engines may
    save you a little money, but that that won’t help in the long run.

    Registering your domain with search engines makes your domain more
    visible to customers and allows them to easily find your website in the
    ocean-deep World Wide Web. We highly recommend acting timely as this
    notice automatically expires at 21 – Arp. – 2017.

    Please visit the following link to learn more about available packages
    that have been tailored keeping affordability and features in mind.
    [Deleted the Link it on the email]

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