CMS Web Design

Beautiful, bespoke websites designed in house and built for purpose

Modern CMS website

CMS stand for Content Management System. Our CMS allows you to log in using a secure password and safely and easily edit the text and images on the pages of your website, anytime, anywhere. Using our CMS is easy, you don’t need to be a computer whiz or understand any complicated programming languages and you don’t need any special software. With our CMS web designs all you need is a computer with an internet connection and your login details.

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Responsive Web Design

We use the most up to date technologies and programming languages including HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. All our websites are developed using W3C compliant code to ensure your website runs smoothly. Our websites are responsive meaning they adapt to the screen and device your visitors are viewing them on. They look great on desktops, laptops, iPads and android tablets, iPhones and smartphones.

Versatile Development

Our CMS Website are all designed by us, in house. We write code using the powerful programming language, PHP and use a secure SQL databases to hold the information from your articles and pages. It’s an excellent platform for future expansion which allows us to add new capabilities to your website at any time so your site can grow with your business.

Social Websites

All our CMS website designs come with the ability to easily share content from your favourite platforms. You can add videos from Youtube or Vimeo, images from Instagram and SlideShare presentations to name a few.
We can build contact forms for your website and have them send straight to your business email so you can reply to them quickly and easily.

Search Engine Friendly

Our CMS website are designed specifically to be search engine friendly. Once uploaded we submit your site to Google and we can help advise you with onsite SEO. Easily add links to all your social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Future Proof

It’s not always possible to know what the future holds but we do our best to predict it by keeping up with all the current trends and reading as much as we can. If there’s something on the horizon that may effect you we’ll ready your site for the change. We use the most up to date techniques to create your site so it looks as modern and new as possible for as long as possible.

Bespoke Admin Area

We don’t just design the front of the website we also create the admin area, where you edit your page. Making it really easy for you to add and control all the awesome features we’ve created for your bespoke designed pages.

Embed Content

It’s really easy to add diverse content to your new website. Want to put a video on your site, just paste the YouTube url into the admin area and click update the rest is done automatically. Vimeo, SlideShare, Facebook posts, Instagram images and Twitter tweets all work the same way.

Sitemap and Page Structure

When you build a site it’s important to understand and plan how visitors will move around it and interact with your brand. Setting marketing goals and creating calls to action throughout the site needs to be incorporated into the design from the beginning, which is exactly what we do.

Help and Support

One major advantage of coming to Clockwork Moggy for your CMS web design is the help and support that we offer. If you have a question or need help with anything to do with your website or CMS web design, just call or email for a jargon free friendly chat. Even technophobes tell us that our CMS sites are easy to use but just to make sure we include a written manual and video tutorials built into all our CMS website designs.

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