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Marketing & Advertising?

While providing an exact price for marketing without a prior consultation can be challenging, we are committed to doing our best to assist you. Because that's how we roll!

Below you'll find an instant estimate generator. It does exactly what it says on the tin. We understand marketing involves numerous considerations, therefore we recommend reading the section below about our framework first. if you need help, or want to speak in person, we're only a call (or email) away!

Our Framework

At Clockwork Moggy, we have the pleasure of working with a diverse range of businesses, and we truly appreciate how each one is unique. That's why we believe in tailoring our strategies specifically to meet the individual needs of every client. As your business evolves and thrives, our marketing approach must adapt and grow alongside it.

To ensure that no area of your strategy is overlooked, we've developed a comprehensive marketing framework. Our aim is to prioritise the aspects that bring the greatest benefits, taking into account that the effectiveness of one area often has a positive impact on others. By focusing on synergy and interconnectedness, we're able to create a marketing strategy that helps to drive success for your business.

Our framework covers:

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    Making sure your brand lines up with your target audience and that your website and funnels do what they're supposed to.

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    Building trust through inbound content marketing.

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    Building a community of fans that want to work with you or buy from you.

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    Using recommendations and referrals to prove your values.

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    Lead Generation

    Bringing more people into the funnel through outbound marketing.

  • 6

    Conversion Optimisation

    Increase the percentage of conversions.

  • 7

    Conversion Goal

    Your planned marketing achievement.

Framework infographic
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Interested in working with us?

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    Monthly consultancy

    Strategy and analytics meetings to plan your next steps and make sure everything is on track.

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    Share the burden

    Paw-some if you find one area a little more challenging than others.

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    Let us take care of everything.

    Puurrrfect for any business to take its marketing efforts to new heights.

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Extra info

About the estimate

We've put our most popular solutions into the instant estimate generator and it's pretty accurate.

But there's a lot to think about in marketing and if something isn't going your way it's not always easy to know which part of your strategy to change to get the result you want. What you've estimated may not get your the results you need.

That's why we offer a free consultation to all our clients before we start working together and turn the estimate into an official quote before we start work.

Support for Emerging Businesses

Whether you are in the early stages of launching your business or seeking improvements for your brand or website, we are here to assist you.

We like to look at these areas of your business first. In some cases, we may be able to update and fix what you have in place. Other times it may be better to replace them. Whatever the case we'll have a chat and come up with a solution that works for you and your budget.

Clockwork Moggy retainers

Our retainers work on a rolling monthly contract. We set goals that work for you so we can track our efforts and meet with you once a month to discuss the results and go through your reports.

At the end of the month, we offer a consultancy meeting to chat about analytics and plan our next steps. Every quarter we like to have a strategy meeting where we delve deeper into long-term goals and talk about possible adaptions and customisations to your marketing plan to get you where you want to be.

Social media and blog posts

We build a week-to-week content plan, write and design content for your social media and plan your blog. We can research specific topics but it's always good to get an understanding of your viewpoints and opinions. So we sometimes ask for information from you. After all, you're the expert in your field.

Oh and in case you're worried, even if we do research something for you we'll still check it with you before we post it!

Digital Advertising

Our Digital ad management service includes us carrying out the technical work and graphic design necessary to make your ads convert. We monitor impressions and conversions and make changes to your ads to improve your return on investment.

We work on many platforms, including Google Search Ads and Social Media Display Ads.

Digital ad spend is priced via the Pay Per Click (PPC) model. That means you pay a little every time someone clicks your ad. Ad spend is paid directly to the provider. IE if we're advertising on Facebook and Instagram you will pay Meta directly every time someone clicks an ad.

As part of our management service, we make sure your ad spend doesn't exceed the maximum you want to spend in a month. We recommend a minimum of £1000 ad spend per month.

Our management fee relates to the amount of ad spend we are managing.

Creative services

Our team comprises a talented group of individuals with diverse creative skills. With in-house experts in copywriting, graphic design, and illustration, we are well-equipped to deliver captivating and original content.

In addition, we provide photography and videography services. However, please note that pricing for these services may vary depending on specific requirements and your geographic location.