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Drive targeted traffic and boost conversions

Whenever someone needs to find a service, or product or even just find the answer to a question they often turn to Google. Google leads the way with 86.31% of the market share in the UK alone.

Given this gigantic user base, Google ads have proven to be one of the most successful advertising platforms for businesses across the globe.

Pay-Per-Click is a fast and effective way to build your online marketing and brand presence. But it can be hard to know where to start. We are Clockwork Moggy and we are a professional marketing agency.

We create engaging ad text with intelligent ad group structures allowing us to redirect traffic to your most relevant ad, meaning your brand won't lose out on any search trend.

We use professional strategies to target your ideal customer. So you won't waste money on people that can't benefit from your product or service.

So, How does it work?


We dive deep into your business, your goals, and your target audience. We're like detectives, uncovering those hidden gems that'll make your Google Ads campaign shine. With our strategic planning, we'll craft a tailored plan that's fit for a king. It all starts with thorough keyword research and planning. We'll uncover those keywords that'll make your ads appear like magic when your audience is searching for products or services like yours.

Google ads


To outshine your rivals, we channel our expertise into comprehensive competitor research. We analyze their strategies, dissect their strengths and weaknesses, and craft a strategy that'll give you the upper hand. With this insight, we'll create ads that stand out in the crowd, captivating your audience and diverting their attention to your offerings.


Our wordsmiths work their charm, weaving persuasive and captivating ad copy that'll make your audience eager to click. Leading them into our cleverly crafted landing pages, that drive action.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. It's not just about Search ads. After all Google is everywhere. Our creative geniuses whip up eye-catching visuals that'll make your ads leap off the screen. Branded graphics that will grab your audience's attention whatever they are doing.


We're not just set-it-and-forget-it kind. We monitor your campaign like hawks, making adjustments and crafting new ads as needed. We're all about optimising and fine-tuning to ensure your ads are as effective as ever.

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We deliver results that'll make your jaw drop. Whether it's increased traffic, skyrocketing conversions, or a boost in brand awareness, we'll make sure your business reaps the rewards of our hard work. With monthly reports and weekly catchups, we will keep you in the loop with how things are going.


As Google Partners we know Google produces inside and out. We will analyse which Google ad type is best for you and your business, be it Youtube, Shopping, Search, Display or a combination. As a full marketing agency, we have the expertise to your ads look their best and convert too.

But it's not just ads. We will use Google Tag Manager to create your bespoke conversion tracking across the website and pass all that data to Google Analytics so you can take a look at your progress whenever you want.


We only ever use bespoke PPC campaigns, and will always get the sign-off from you first. This means you have full control over what your ads look like as well as how much you spend.

Google ads management can be complicated but our monthly reports break everything down into easily understandable data, you will have an hour a month to discuss everything with your Google ads manager and get any support you need.

We will create bespoke campaigns that advertise your products and services at their highest potential. Campaigns for each service or product category mean we are able to easily understand where your budget should go.


We will periodically adjust bids, add and remove keywords as well as work to get your Quality Score up so that you will pay less for each click. We will log into your account every week to keep a close eye on performance and to make optimisations to each campaign so that you will pay less for so you will pay less for clicks that are less likely to convert and you will be found at the top of search engines for the users that are more likely to convert. So we know we are getting the results you want.

This means for you and your brand you’ll easily be able to calculate the return on investment and see just how much value PPC can add to your business.

We want you to grow, with online advertising, we can see exactly where your sales are coming from, right down to the keyword-triggered.

Ready to get started?

Ready to experience the power of Google Ads? Let us work our magic, starting from in-depth keyword research and competitor research all the way to crafting mesmerizing ads that'll put you ahead of the pack. Contact Clockwork Moggy today and lets us create Google ads that will help your company succeed online.

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