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More than just a Logo

We can help you focus your vision to establish a recognisable and effective brand image. Brand design is definitely not just a nice looking logo. Your brand is the most important way to display your company’s products and values to your prospective clients. Branding can include a combination of graphics i.e. symbols, icons, mascot design, typeface & colour scheme. We can help by building your brand to deliver a message clearly and to connect with your target audience.
We start each project by discussing your ideas and aims to allow us to fully understand your goals. We thoroughly research your target area and develop concepts and a colour pallet designed to work for your business. Your logo will be supplied to you in all formats suitable for web and print use along with brand guidelines which outline how to apply your logo to various mediums. This will also show your colour pallet – all to enable you to use your logo with consistency.
We create ideas with meaning behind them, giving your company a voice, a message and great first impression. Through imaginative solutions, we create identities that attract. We are committed to creating high quality designs that are completely unique…like clockwork.

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Company Brand Guidelines

It’s important to keep your brand consistent throughout all or your media. Brand guidelines shows and describes how to use your logo effectively including logo forms (i.e. how it can transform form a square to a landscape format) and provides you with your colour pallet for print and web use as well as typefaces used to create the overall logo.