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More Than Just A Logo

A brand is more than just the visual parts. It's the whole connection that people make with your company including emotional and visual as well as the associations they make when they come into contact with you. We will help you focus your vision to establish a recognisable and effective brand image. Your brand is the most important way to display your company’s products and values to your prospective clients. Branding can include a combination of graphics i.e. symbols, icons, mascot design, typeface & colour scheme.

We start each project by discussing your ideas and aims to allow us to fully understand your goals.

Your logo will be supplied to you in all formats suitable for web and print use along with brand guidelines which outline how to apply your logo to various mediums. This will also show your colour pallet – all to enable you to use your logo with consistency.

Through imaginative solutions, we create identities that attract. We are committed to creating high-quality designs that are completely unique…like clockwork.

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Our Branding Process


Audience Research

Understanding your audience is a massive step in a solid brand image. We work out who your audience are and in turn, how best to attract them through brand image. The brand we create is directly aimed to catch the attention of your target market. 


Adding Personality and values

As we know, branding isn't just about a nice looking logo, it's important that it showcases your brand's values and personality. We all make instant judgements when we look at someone before we've got to know them (good or bad) and people will do exactly the same thing when they come into contact with your company, whether that's looking at your logo, your websites or talking to you face to face. Making sure you make the right first impression counts!


Finding the Correct Font

Yes, fonts have personalities too - Now, it wouldn't make sense for your font to be fancy or playful if you're an accountant for example. You would want your client to feel like you take your work more seriously and therefore, this would be an unsuitable font choice. If you run a nursery, it wouldn't make sense for the font to be serious in looks and style. Make sure the font compliments the qualities and image of your brand.



Brand Colours

Colours can elicit certain emotional responses from people. For example a lot of corporate companies use blue as this conveys trust, dependability and strength. Orange can be used if you want to portray an energetic, confident brand, whereas green could promote nature, health and peace and so on. It's another important factor to making sure your brand image is giving off the correct vibe to your audience.


Versatile Logos

Once we have created your awesome brand identity, we will send you several versions of the final design, ready to show the world on and offline. You will also get a brand Identity guideline document so your brand always looks its best.

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Brand Identity workbook cover

Brand Identity Rockstar Workbook

Your essential guide and workbook to a rocking brand identity

Order your copy today for £25. This amazing workbook comes FREE with our brand identity service.

Workbook includes:
Business questionnaire
Who is your audience?
Digging deeper into your brand
Using the correct font for your business
Picking your brand colours
Logo do's and dont's
How to integrate your brand into everything you do

More Services


Social Media Graphics

Brand consistency across your platforms

It is important to have a strong brand presence and consistency throughout everything you’re doing and everywhere you’re seen and that includes social media. Make sure your platforms are looking great and branded when your visitors/followers arrive on your page. We can create engaging cover images and post graphics that will make your audience want to scroll and get to know you and your business more!


Product Packaging Design

Eye-catching product packaging design so your products are seen

Packaging design has one main rule: Sell the Product! With so many products out there, packaging design originality is as important as ever for sales.

Creating an eye-catching packaging design that can be reproduced for months/years is a real challenge, but with a clear market audience and creative solutions, we can help create that interest with consumers.