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Your website is important. It provides you with leads and displays your services and products to your audience. It’s like your shop front – and it therefore needs to stay open and looking good.

Like all software, websites need updating from time to time to keep them secure. Security is big business these days; you only have to check the news to see that even the big boys like Facebook and Twitter get hacked.

Backing up your website and database and updating your software yourself is time-consuming, and without proper testing, it can break your site. We normally find that site owners prefer not to do this themselves, so…when was the last time you updated your website software?

If you choose to host with us, we provide a few services we feel are vital for WordPress websites like yours.

Fast secure dedicated WordPress hosting
Constant security monitoring to keep any nasty intruders out
Daily backups of your site and database
Regular website & plugin updates
Access to our licenses for the select plugins that we use to build your site
Website monitoring and disaster recovery so your site can be restored quickly in the event that something goes wrong
Website clone for testing, exploring changes and updates before launching them on your website
24/7 Support (via our hosting partner) to bring your website back online if it goes offline
... like clockwork.

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Branding Cat

Your brand powers your marketing, connects with your target audience and leaves a lasting impression.


Web Design Cat

The platform your Brand lives on, and the centre of your marketing.

Web Design

Google Ads Cat

Reach more customers, as and when they’re searching for your services

Google Ads

Social Ad Cat

Amplify reach and engagement using paid advertising on popular social platforms.

Social Media Paid Ads


Boost visibility and organic traffic by optimising your website for top search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Cats

Maximise your online presence and engagement through strategic social media campaigns.

Organic Social Media

Photography Cat

Capture moments with artistic precision, telling your brand's story through captivating images.



Elevate your visual communication with unique and compelling illustrations tailored to your message.


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Acting as your go-to guys for all things digital marketing, we can help boost your reach thanks to our strategy and consultancy services

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