What Is Brand Image And Why Do You Need One?

A brand image is how people perceive your products and company as an organisation. When you have a professionally designed logo, marketing materials, packaging and letterheads, customers recognise you are a legitimate business and helps you establish an element of trust.

But branding runs much deeper than trust and at the core of a brand image is design. The choice of colours, style of font and the elements you use in your logo, all communicate at a subconscious level.

The design of your brand image show is striking enough to instinctively draw your audience to your attention. But more importantly, it has to communicate what your business is about on an emotional level.

The human brain relates to visuals more than any other content. Therefore, when you are creating an image for your company, it is important to choose the colours, fonts and other styles that reflect the character of your business.

To do this, consider where your brand is positioned in the market. Who is your ideal target audience and what design will most appeal to them? You also need to research the design styles of your competitors and develop a unique image of your own that will set you apart from rivals.

Why you need a brand image?

Consumers are drawn to companies that have a strong brand image. They are also more inclined to stay loyal to a particular brand, they know to trust. And dare we say love.

A brand has to offer emotional value. It has to include a promise that you deliver, a personality your customers relate to, a look and a voice that is fitting for your brand personality.

Although the design of your brand image should make an immediate impact, it takes time for a brand image to take shape. Ideally, you want customers to recognise your brand conceptually.

For example, when you think of Volvo, you automatically think of safety. When you see the Apple logo, you instinctively think stylish design. Bang and Olufsen are associated with a rich sound.

To develop a brand image, you have to attach attributes to your company that lodges in a person’s mind. Your brand has to be memorable, produce products your customers can rely on and deliver a customer service that makes people feel special.

All the leading companies have been able to achieve greatness because they understand the power of having a brand that sticks in the mind. This is why leading corporations spend thousands if not millions of pounds a year on branding.

Your brand image should be included in everything you do. It has to be reinforced in your advertising campaigns, your company slogan, your customer promise and the service you deliver.

But essentially, the brand image starts with design – and the visual images you choose to represent your company have to be memorable. People remember images and successful brands are instantly recognisable by their logo. And eventually, your brand image is associated with the value you offer to customers.

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