What’s unique about you? What’s your brand story?

Here’s a few tips on how to write a brand story.

We’ve all had that moment when someone asks you, ‘What do you do?’ and you have to explain in a matter of seconds to grab their attention and NOT bore them with details.

You can do this by working out your USP (Unique Selling Point) along with a roundup of exactly how you can help other people/businesses.

EVERY business has a unique story. You may not think you do or see what it is straight away and may struggle to find that one thing that makes you different from all the others.

Fact of the matter is, we all started somewhere. Everyone had to have started with an IDEA or REASON to go it alone. Some have planned for years before they launch their business, some throw caution to the wind, leave the 9-5 and start the next day. What did YOU do? How and why did you start your business? What were your circumstances and what made you take that leap of faith and work for yourself? Were you turning a passion/mission into a business? A hobby into a full blown venture? Were you sick of making money for someone else? Did you think you had a higher calling? Whatever it is, whatever the reason or the kick up the arse that made that decision, write it down.

Individuals, partners, groups of people all have their reasons WHY they start their own business. They could have had thoughts of saving the world, helping people in some way, to make more money for your family, taking control of your own life, doing things your way or just to have no-one to answer to but yourself and fancied becoming your own boss. What’s your MOTIVATION? Believe me, this all helps if you have a bad day or find it hard to drudge through writing your brand story but it can be a great way to start figuring out why you are different and unique to others and a great way to reflect through the tough times to remind yourself of why you are doing it. By setting up your business, what did you want to achieve? What does it mean to you and the people around you? What’s your end goal/your mission?

YOUR own personal reasons can be the exact location of your USP. It could simply be that you have a rather quirky personality that would help people gain more confidence which would inevitably help them with their business by enabling them to succeed at public speaking or approach people at networking events. If it IS your personality that makes you different – release it, let it shine. If it’s knowledge you have, SHARE IT! people will not know how knowledgeable you are if you keep it to yourself. If it’s a particular skill, then showcase them to the world. YOU are unique. No one person is the same as anyone else and we can all offer SOMETHING that others NEED or WANT.

All these things put together will help create your own UNIQUE brand story. You will start to form a good foundation for your brand values and create an authenticity which people will be attracted to and want to do business with. Whatever your skill, your offering, your personality, take the best bits, the bits that stand out and form a truly unique brand. Make sure you follow your brand values through everything you do. Keep it consistent as this will build know, like and trust with your audience. Potential clients will become familiar with your brand, align with you in some way (like it) and trust will form through these consistencies.

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