Why Super Fast Broadband is a Must with New Technology on the Horizon.

Once upon a time, in the days when dial-up internet was the most technologically advanced innovation ever to have graced our homes and offices, a website that loaded in 20-30 seconds was considered ‘fast’. Thankfully, those times are long gone and today most people in the UK have access to fast internet and a range of web-based services.

What’s more, with more and more parts of the country switching to superfast broadband, things are about to get even faster. Making it easier to stream HD films, surf the web and take advantage of new programmes and technologies, super fast broadband is the internet of the future.

What is super-fast broadband?

Super-fast broadband is defined as broadband that provides download speeds in excess of 24Mbps.

The UK Government recently announced that it wants super-fast broadband to be available across 90% of the country by the end of 2015 and across 95% of the country by 2017.

Why do we need super-fast broadband?

Apart from making life easier for offices and households with multiple internet-enabled devices, super fast broadband will become increasingly important for accessing everything that the web has to offer.

Without super-fast broadband, users could struggle to use a number of basic web-based services like Netflix, Spotify, Skype, Facetime and Apple iCloud. When super-fast broadband is installed, multiple users will be able to use these platforms simultaneously without any noticeable slowing.

As more and more web-based technologies are created and rolled out, having instant and unlimited access to the internet will become increasingly important. What’s more, as super-fast broadband becomes more commonplace, it will become more affordable, allowing homes and offices across the country to take advantage of everything it has to offer.

What technologies are there on the horizon?

From small start-up companies in East London to huge mega corporations in the US, businesses around the world are working to take advantage of the opportunities offered by superfast broadband.

The range of technologies that will come about as a result of superfast broadband is almost endless. From gaming and HD video streaming to eCommerce and complex cloud-based tools, companies and individuals will soon have access to a huge range of programmes and resources at the click of a button. This is fantastic news for companies that offer HD content and for businesses that rely on web-based transactions for their income.

With superfast broadband in the not too distant horizon, offices, schools and households across the country can look forward to convenient, efficient and reliable broadband 24/7. This means consumers can enjoy the best of the web in spilt second and digital marketers and web developers can enjoy more creative freedom backed up by an instant internet.

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