Will Your Business Benefit From a One-Page-Website?

The evolution of digital technology changes the landscape of the internet at a fast pace. And we are on the brink of witnessing yet another paradigm shift – to one-page scrolling websites.

You may be thinking that a one-page website is a nonsense and it won’t work for your website. For many online business owners such as eCommerce retailers, that is the case. But there are many other types of businesses that will benefit from user-friendly scrolling websites rather than multi-page sites that are more complicated to use and find information.

The catalyst for “pageless” websites is mobile. The switch to responsive websites, parallax scrolling designs and one-click actions has improved user experience by making it easier to perform actions.

So what is preventing web designers from using the intuitive development of mobile web applications for a desktop website?

Absolutely nothing.

The technology and software are already there. All it needs is the creativity and craftsmanship of web designers to refashion conventional web designs.

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for online stores is load times. Consumers expect almost instantaneous access and waiting time is barely tolerated. HTML5, javascript and CSS3 have helped make websites quicker, but many are still affected by page lag. One page websites resolve this issue.

Benefits of One-page websites

The biggest advantage of one-page websites is the ability to increase lead generation and conversions. Because of the layout, you don’t have much room for pointless explanation. You, therefore, have to tell a story that piques the interest of the reader.

Storytelling is pretty big in the digital world right now. It has been a mainstay of effective marketing and the best way for humans to communicate memorable information for thousands of years. The short story is, build a big picture.

Effective online marketing has to elicit emotion and there is no better way than telling a compelling story about your product and services. Create content that compels the reader to take action. And one-page websites provide you with the perfect platform.

They also have seamless scrolling action so are easy to navigate and digest. All in all, you can create a better user-experience that yields more conversions. Furthermore, because one-page websites are quicker to build and iterate, you save costs.

Pageless websites work best for businesses that sell professional services and would ordinarily have five or six pages on their website. But even businesses that perform numerous services like accountants, solicitors and mechanics can create effective websites by generating leads through curated content that focuses on the type of services you offer rather than trying to explain the benefits. People already know this.

Online businesses can benefit from one page websites across all devices and by embracing new concepts early, you are better prepared to take advantage of the market as new technologies are introduced that change consumer behaviour. Get in touch and ask us about how a one-page website can help your business.

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