4 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Website

If you own a business, you’re probably online. Which means you have a website. It looks great, maybe performs okay. All in all you’re pretty pleased.

But did your last web designer (or current) tell you anything you would not ordinarily know about your website? If not, we will!

14142288153251886811. You don’t have to register your website with search engines

There are still some web design agencies and SEO companies charging their clients to register their domain with search engines. It used to be the case that websites had to be submitted to search engines for indexing, but algorithms are so sophisticated nowadays webpages are visited by little crawler bots and indexed automatically.

2. You can say what you like

There is an unspoken protocol throughout every industry that commands businesses to be polite and respectful to their customers. As a result every company is nice on the surface and all put a glossy shine over people’s problems. But if it’s your website, you can say what you like! You will attract more customers than you lose by standing up and being brave so dare to be different.

3. Your website communicates to your audience

We covered colour psychology in an earlier post, so if you don’t think your website communicates to people, think again. Design and colour communicate to your audience and evokes emotions. That may effect you customer so much that they decided to share your site on social media bringing even more people to your site.

But even on a basic level, visitors to your website will pass judgement about the way it looks and performs. If you have an out-dated design for example, your business appears old-fashioned and neglected.

If your site is not easy to navigate you appear disorganised and untrustworthy. If your product descriptions are vague you appear lazy and unhelpful. Either way, visitors will leave.

4. Web maintenance is easier than you think

The majority of website updates are fairly simple and only take about 30 minutes to perform. To be fair, your website has to be constructed well in the first place otherwise you will run into complications.

But for most professional web agencies, it’s a relatively straight forward task – so easy in fact you could probably do it yourself through your content management system.

So there you go, four things you didn’t know about your website, but now you do!

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