Awesome Examples of Packaging Design

The packaging of a product plays a huge part in creating its identity and making it attractive to its target audience. Done well, packaging can transform an everyday product into an iconic piece of design, making the contents even more attractive to prospective buyers and ensuring the product a place in design history.

Though it takes a little more time, imagination and creativity to come up with original and innovative packaging design, the extra effort you or your marketing team put in will be well worth it when your product hits the shelves. To get inspired and get your creative juices flowing, here are a few examples of outstanding packaging design.

Parmesan pencil

Sometimes an idea makes so much sense, it’s hard to believe no one else thought of it before. If you like to enjoy your parmesan in thin, delicate sheaves, this original packaging design will suit you perfectly.   

Moulded into the shape of a pencil, the parmesan can easily be shaved from the stick using a special ‘sharpener’. Incredibly effective and easy to use, this tasty piece of stationery will transform meal times forever.

Fruity toilet paper

The perfect product for anyone who wants to add a bit of colour to their downstairs loo, this fruit themed toilet paper transforms a functional, everyday product into a fun interior design accessory.

Air Shoebox

The perfect shoebox for Nike Air Trainers, this innovative design may not be the most environmentally friendly piece of packaging, but it does help the product to really stand out from the crowd. Helping to create an even stronger brand image, this unique shoebox is a great example of conceptual packaging design.

Fitness-inspired shopping bag

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most effective.This fitness-inspired shopping bag is a great example of how a creative mind can transform the look of a product with just a single image.

Turning a standard bag into an interactive piece of art, this clever twist will help keep the brand, and the product, in shoppers’ minds for longer.

Which Bug’s a Bug?

CWM Brand portfolio-Bush GrubWhen designing the packaging for these Bush Tucker Trial inspired chocolates, the team at Clockwork Moggy used many of the innovative and creative design techniques we’ve looked at.

Using the same colour scheme that viewers of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here will be familiar with, and incorporating a bright, bold splash of jungle imagery, we’ve created a fun and eye-catching range of products.

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