Positive Reactions to Negative Space Logos!

Whether you run a business, charity or a social network, your logo is one of the most important parts of your branding.

We all know that a good logo should be eye-catching, memorable and communicate something about the personality or character of the business that it’s representing. A nifty way to achieve all of these goals, while keeping your logo looking sleek and professional is to utilise the negative space in the design. Effectively doubling the communicative power of a logo, negative space holds a huge amount of potential for forwarding thinking graphic designers and creative companies.


What is Negative Space Logo Design?

When creating a logo using negative space, a designer will use the alternative colour in a graphic to create dual images and representations of a product or service.

Less obvious than traditional logo design, negative space techniques are often only noticed at a second glance and will force the viewer to think twice about a company’s logo.

In black and white logos, designers will often use the empty white space to cut out images and shapes from the black part of the graphic in order to create a more interesting, meaningful and individual design. The American Institute of Architects Centre is a great example of making the most of monochrome and uses negative design to transform the teeth of a key into a city skyline.

Why is Negative Space Logo Design effective?

Negative space design is effective for a number of reasons, and up there on the list of why designers love the look it creates – it allows designers to combine a relatively simple graphic with an intricate and clever cut-out element.

By making a logo simple and complex at the same time, negative space can help a business to create an eye-catching and memorable design while giving them the space to add a bit of style and personality to the graphic. The result is often more subtle and more stylish than other types of logo design, helping to bring more of the company’s character into their branding.

Who uses Negative Space Logo Design?

Negative space logo design is suitable for businesses in a range of industries from all walk of business life. From organisations like The Guild of Food Writers and the famous Panda at WWF, to businesses like Spartan Golf and Yoga Australia, the technique has been used by organisations around the world to add an interesting, intelligent and alternative element to their logo design.

If you’d like to give your logo a lift using negative space design, or you just want to find out a little bit more about logo design, get in touch with the team at Clockwork Moggy today.

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