A Taste of The Most Successful Rebrands of All Time

Telling customers that your business has new drive, new energy, a new direction and proving that you’re ready to commit to your corporate future, a rebrand can work wonders for companies looking to show the market place what they’re made of.

More than just a new logo, a successful rebrand involves changing the way that customers, suppliers and clients think and feel about a business. To show you just how powerful a rebrand can be, here are some examples of the most successful campaigns of all time.


Teenagers today probably don’t even remember a time when Apple wasn’t the be-all and end-all of electronics. However, in 1997 the company came perilously close to bankruptcy with rivals like IBM, HP and Dell making life difficult for the brand.

Apple’s fortunes were turned around by chief executive Steve Jobs who launched the company’s ‘Think Different’ ad campaign. Encouraging consumers to see the brand as a lifestyle choice rather than an electronics company, the tech giant managed to convince its customers that they’d be more individual, more creative and more stylish if they invested in their products.

Today, Apple is worth an estimate $1tn and has become the go-to brand for technophiles across the globe.

Stella Artois

For years Stella Artois was associated with lager louts, hooliganism and domestic violence. Few self-respecting drinkers would touch the beer and its reputation as a quality beverage was through the floor.

Fast forward a few years and Stella has completely changed the feel of its brand. Now marketed as the ‘reassuringly expensive’ beer, Stella has gone upmarket, creating a range of weaker brews and more interesting special additions to attract a new type of drinker.


Like Stella Artois, Burberry’s image was badly affected by the hooliganism of the 90s and noughties. In fact, the company’s distinctive print was so closely associated with violence that it was banned in pubs up and down the country.

Burberry managed to rebrand its image by buying back the licences it had sold to other companies allowing them to use its print. Burberry has also hired a number of high profile faces as brand ambassadors, with Emma Watson and Cara Delevingne both representing the company.

This effectively made Burberry exclusive again, ensuring that its name and image were used on only the most fashionable products.



Compared to games consoles, tablet computers and smartphones, Lego is low tech to say the least. The fact that its still able to compete with its electronic rivals is down to a well timed rebrand and a clear corporate message.

Having faced bankruptcy in the late 1990s, the brand decided to refocus its product range, concentrating on its basic building bricks and creating a dedicated following in the process. So when it brought out its own film in 2014 it was receive very warmly.


As well as a clear message and a great logo, a successful rebrand also needs to involve a strong social media presence and carefully thought out strategy. Get all of these elements right, and there’s no reason why your company can’t turn over a new, lucrative leaf of its own.

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