Back to the Future, the Future is Now!

Virtual Reality for Businesses – Back to the Future, the Future is Now!

If you’re a fan of the movies, or were born in the 80s, you’ll know that the future is fast approaching – well, Back to the Future that is. Today is ‘Back to the Future day’.

Back in 1985, the 21st October 2015 (the date that Doc and Marty travel forward to in the movie) felt like a lifetime away. Though the film was wrong about some things – those self-drying clothes and flying cars are yet to materialise – it was spot on with others. Smart glasses, video conferencing and 3D films do all feature in the real 2015 and, with any luck, hover boards  and Self-Lacing Shoes will soon be perfected too.

As well as making the world a more futuristic place, these innovations have had a big impact on business. Technology, and virtual reality in particular, have transformed the way that retailers and service providers operate in industries around the world. With Marty McFly due to pop through the space time continuum any second, now seems like the perfect time to take a look at the current impact of virtual reality on business and have a sneaky peak and what the future might hold.

Virtual mirrors

The high tech toy uses computer wizardry to show customers how an outfit will look on. They can move around, try out different colours and different combinations all without having to queue for the changing room or getting hot and bothered as they get stuck in something a bit too snug.

The Hyper loop train

It may not be a hover board, but the Hyperloop train is just as futuristic.

Proposed by billionaire inventor Elon Musk, the system uses magnets, air pressure and a partial vacuum to catapult passenger pods through specially built tunnels. Powered by the sun and with potential top speeds of 750 miles an hour, the Hyperloop could one day replace planes as our standard method of high speed travel. It also means you could travel from London to Paris in less than 20 minutes!


Most other virtual reality developers are focusing on headsets that transport the wearer into a different world with augmented reality.

These fully immersive virtual reality systems can allow customers to get a 360˚ view of a product or development, attend meetings and conferences, interview candidates and take part in complex training sessions, all without leaving the comfort of their office.

A number of developers are currently working on their own virtual reality headsets, so it won’t be long before they’re appearing in an office near you.

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