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From Christmas cards to festive decorations and winter getaways to special promotions, this time of year has always been an important one for sales and marketing. As a result, a huge amount of brochures, posters, greetings cards and websites are made especially for the Christmas period, with designers working throughout the summer and autumn months to create those perfect pieces.

As Christmas imagery has been used, reused and then used some more over the years, coming up with original and exciting festive design isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are a few inventive minds out there pushing at the boundaries of Christmas aesthetics, creating stand out printed and digital designs as they go.

Christmas cards

With around a billion Christmas cards sent every year in the UK, coming up with a design that’s new, exciting and innovative is almost impossible.

These customisable cards from David Papov are notable for their minimalism, bright, bold colours and eye-catching design. Perfect for families who want their cards to stand out from the crowd and for businesses looking for a festive message with a difference, these contemporary cards will help you to send your Christmas greetings in style.

Festive emails

With a number of businesses choosing to convey their Christmas message via email, there are a variety of interesting and eye-catching designs and templates available online.

To make the most of this digital medium, a lot of companies choose to include a discount code or limited time offer with their festive email. The perfect way to drive traffic to a site and promote customer good will, including a Christmas offer in your festive email campaign could help you to make this year your most successful yet.

Magazines and brochures – Festive Design

Most magazines and brochures get a festive makeover at this time of year. Helping to get readers into the holiday spirit and encourage a bit of festive spending, these Christmas covers help to boost sales and good will.

The cover of the Washington Post’s Art & Style Magazine is a good example of innovative Christmas design. By putting a twist on classic images and colours, the designers have managed to create a cover that’s instantly festive while at the same time exhibiting some outstanding design credentials.

Offering designers the perfect chance to flex their creative muscles and let their imaginations for your festive design run wild, the Christmas period is the perfect time to show off innovative print and digital design. To find out more, get in touch with a member of the Clockwork Moggy team today.

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