How has technology influenced graphic design?

As an industry that relies on technology to realise its ideas and drive creativity forward, graphic design is heavily influenced by technological innovation and invention. From programmes like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to the internet itself, the graphics world has been transformed again and again by ground breaking technologies.

3D printing

When 3D printers first hit the market, they were so futuristic it was hard to believe they were real. In the years since, 3D printing has become a lot more commonplace and today designers around the world are creating innovative and exciting 3D designs and products for the global market.

As it becomes easier and easier to create good quality 3D printed products, graphic designers will have increased freedom to play around with space and to create products and pieces that use perspective, layers and angles to change the way we view them. This is sure to have a big impact on everything from promotional products and marketing materials to brochures, catalogues and posters.

DIY tutorials

Though graphic design is undeniable a skilled profession, it’s becoming easier for amateurs to learn the skills that they need for basic design. Sites like YouTube ,Vimeo and are packed full of tutorials on graphic design, with everything from basic website building to complex coding covered.

As this becomes more common and teaching technologies evolve to become more efficient, graphic designers will need to offer clients something a bit different if they’re going to stay ahead of the game. This will inevitably push graphic design forward, helping to create a more vibrant and dynamic industry.

The rise of apps

For the last few years, the mobile web has had a big influence on graphic design. Websites have become slicker, more streamlined and more focused, giving mobile users a smoother experience and helping to speed up browsing for everyone.

However, in recent months apps have overtaken browsers for mobile users. A huge 90% of mobile time is now spent in apps, making app design an incredibly important field for 2016.

This big increase in the popularity of apps is sure to mean an increase in demand for app design. This in turn will mean a big boost in the number of apps designers build and create, something which could influence wider web design and even the world of print.

Though the graphic design industry is never one to rest on its laurels, the last few years have seen an explosion in technological advances and innovations. Influencing the industry in all sorts of profound and subtle ways, this technological innovation is changing graphic design for good.

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